6 Months Later

Well its now 6 months on and I have not had any problems with ANY new DVD’s including Sony’s since the last post in April.  Hooray !!!!!

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4 Comments on “6 Months Later”

  1. James Says:

    I got an idea. Don’t buy Sony products. And, let them know that you don’t appreciate them trying to control our lives. If they have a problem with people copying movies, go after the PIRATES and leave us (the people that are buying their products) alone! The only way big businesses understand anything, is by hitting them in their bottom line. I’m done.

  2. Josh Says:

    Sad but guess what I’m having the same issue with “The Happening”
    and it’s on my DVD player.. but all other DVDs work one other time this happened and I thought it was the DVD was old from blockbuster but this is a new DVD.

  3. hyrcan Says:

    Just got special edition of Big Fish, and it’s not playing.

  4. Wii 2 Says:

    “I got an idea. Don’t buy Sony products.”

    Sure its the best solution 😀 !

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