Sony Fesses Up !

A couple of websites are reporting Sony has now fessed up to the problem (they now say it WAS a problem with the copy protection) and are re-issuing and replacing the faulty DVD’s.

End of story?  Maybe……

Are they going to replace all of Netflix & Blockbusters stock of faulty DVD’s?

I have just searched the Sony USA website and cannot find a press release referring to the recall /replacement…..maybe I just missed it 😉

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11 Comments on “Sony Fesses Up !”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I haven’t purchased a DVD in a long time. I just called their 800 number, told them my DVD I bought wasn’t working and they’re sending me out a new one with no questions/returns.

    At least I’m getting a free DVD out of their mistakes…

  2. cool tidbits Says:

    Yes I thought it was interesting that I couldn’t find a reference to this on Sony’s own website. I don’t think they want to draw anymore attention to this, as the vast majority of people don’t know about it.
    I HIGHLY doubt (as in, it’s not gonna happen) that they will replace the large inventories of the video stores as only a fraction of people renting the movies report a problem.
    I can just imagine Blockbuster calling up Sony.
    “Yes, this is Blockbuster. We need replacement on 350,000 copies of Casino Royale.”

  3. Doug Says:

    Does anyone have a full list of the Sony titles that are affected? I just returned Rocky Balboa and Pursuit of Happiness to Netflix. Figure I won’t rent any Sony titles until a new release comes out. What idiots!

  4. goldcoaster Says:

    I bet they don’t replace them all. Most people would know to call Sony anyway.
    If they are faulty, Sony should have to publically recall them.

  5. This site says it was posted on 4/18/2007 –

  6. From Sony news article:

    “ARccOS Playability Information

    Sony DADC has offered its customers ARccOS copy protection for more than two years. In order to protect content, ARccOS is frequently updated. Recently, an update that was installed on approximately 20 titles was found to cause an incompatibility issue with a very small number of DVD players (Sony has received complaints on less than one thousandth of one percent of affected discs shipped). Since then, the ARccOS system has once again been updated, and there are no longer any playability problems. Any customer who has contacted Sony Pictures Home Entertainment with a complaint has been given a replacement DVD. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment customer service can be reached at 800-860-2878.”

  7. Sjaak Says:

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  8. No Name Says:

    HIGHLY doubt (as in, it’s not gonna happen) that they will replace the large inventories of the video stores as only a fraction of people renting the movies report a problem

  9. Having access to never-ending authorities referring to this is super.

  10. dvd's Says:


    I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read….

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