I called Sony today about the firmware update.  After getting disconnected once by technical support I was finally told to call Sony Style.  Called Sony Style repeated everything again, kept getting put on hold while the rep checked “information”.  Finally was told the firmware update is still not available and they do not have a date for release.  What annoys me most apart from the fact that my player does not work  is that Sony are still knowingly selling the player with no warning to customers.

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7 Comments on “UPDATE:”

  1. Joseph Says:

    I think everyone that rents a video that doesn’t work on there DVD players should PURCHASE that video from http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/eCS/Store/en/-/USD/SY_BrowseCatalog-Start;sid=aXMDpzJ5W3UCGXRdg_cJrH10EKn2NBT3n_g=?CategoryName=mtv&Dept=moviesmusic&ProductSKU=CTR14859DVD%26LOHS296%3dSPDE&aecURL=Movies%2fMovie%2easpx%3fprodid%3dCTR14859DVD%26LOHS296%3dSPDE&DCMP=SSE_CTH&HQS=CTR14859DVD%26LOHS296%3dSPDE#

    There is FREE shipping until the Friday, then RETURN it because it doesn’t work. This will WAKE SONY up when they find themsellves spending thousands and thousands of dollars on processing returns.

  2. Zebulon Says:

    Just another big company that doesn’t communicate with itself. You’d think that they’d hold off on the new copy protection scheme until AFTER they’d gotten the firmware update written…

    Here’s a scenario: what if they CAN’T write a firmware upgrade? What if all the DVD players Sony makes are incompatible with the CP scheme? Not likely, but who knows… they didn’t exactly TALK to the Firmware guys, now did they?

    I wonder what’s worse… not having pirated copies of your DVDs, or having to recall all of them and dump them in a landfill someplace because noone can view them…

  3. T Says:

    Well, the best way to be absolutely sure there is no hassle is as usual to file share movies from The Pirate Bay and other bittorrent sites. Strange world isn’t it? The legit things cause problems, but the pirated works.

    With file shared copies we don’t have to watch the annoying anti-piracy advert, and we can choose which equipment we will use when playing the movie, and IT WILL WORK (burn a copy to a stand alone DVD-player, or route the signal from the comp to a projector or use the home theater PC, etc, etc). No damn DRM/copy protection that will fuck everything up.

  4. Artorios Says:

    Whatever happened to “Consumer is king”?

  5. Wade Says:

    Problem FIXED!!!

    Here is the website for the firmware update…


    Follow the directions and you should be fine, it worked for me.

  6. Harry Says:

    Sony and Toyota (Japanise company) have the same Idea when it comes to american buying thier products–Sell it to them anyway, as long as we get our money. I just wonder how many other products are going to start have issues. (They dont make planes, Do they?)

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