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Sony Fesses Up !

April 18, 2007

A couple of websites are reporting Sony has now fessed up to the problem (they now say it WAS a problem with the copy protection) and are re-issuing and replacing the faulty DVD’s.

End of story?  Maybe……

Are they going to replace all of Netflix & Blockbusters stock of faulty DVD’s?

I have just searched the Sony USA website and cannot find a press release referring to the recall /replacement…..maybe I just missed it 😉



April 17, 2007

I called Sony today about the firmware update.  After getting disconnected once by technical support I was finally told to call Sony Style.  Called Sony Style repeated everything again, kept getting put on hold while the rep checked “information”.  Finally was told the firmware update is still not available and they do not have a date for release.  What annoys me most apart from the fact that my player does not work  is that Sony are still knowingly selling the player with no warning to customers.