Sony Pictures DVD’s have a new a copy protection that makes the movies unplayable on some Sony (& other makes) DVD players!

YES ! It appears that Sony have done it again.  In their zeal to make their DVD movies copyproof (yeah right) they have in fact made their latest releases unplayable on some DVD players, including my Sony DVP-CX995V DVD player. I recently rented “Stranger than Fiction” (2 copies) and “The Holiday” ( please no comments on my choice of movies) both by Sony Pictures.  Both load up to the splash title screen and then load no further,  then after about 60 secs the player turns itself off!  

ALL my other DVD’s and new releases from other movie companies play perfectly

I called Sony Electronics help line and they said to call Sony Pictures  which I did.

The following is a compression of our discussion:

Sony Tech: We know about this problem.  Its our new copy protection that’s making these discs unplayable in some players including our own,  we do not intend to change the copy protection.  The only correction to this problem is a firmware update to your player.  The electronics division know about this and should have given you this information.

Me: OK send me the firmware update.

Sony Tech: We do not have one as yet.

Me: OK (a bit frustrated) when will it be available?

Sony Tech: It could be 2 weeks it could be a month, we don’t know.

He then took my phone number and  said “they” would let me know when the firmware update is available, but declined to take my address saying that they would get that when the update was available. 

I will say that I got a live person on both support lines within 30 secs.

 Here are my questions to Sony:

After spending $350 on a Sony DVD player 3 months ago am I now supposed to avoid Sony Pictures products?

You are still advertising the Sony DVP-CX995V prominently on the Sony USA website but I notice there is no disclaimer that it may not play some new Sony Pictures DVD’s.

Would it not be a good idea to test changes you intend to make on your DVD’s at least on your own equipment so that if you find a problem you could have the firmware update available instead of not only inconveniencing, but alienating your own customers.

I believe this problem is happening on other manufacturers devices, are they working feverishly on firmware updates to accommodate you?

 Well thats my rant (yeah I feel a bit better now)

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227 Comments on “Sony Pictures DVD’s have a new a copy protection that makes the movies unplayable on some Sony (& other makes) DVD players!”

  1. John Says:

    I just found your story while searching for info on this. I had the same problem on my 4 year old Toshiba and I highly doubt there will be a firmware update for my player. Many people are reporting the same problem with all the new Sony DVD releases and on many different players. Guess they expect everyone to buy a new player?

  2. Ark Says:

    Absolutely rediculous. The fact that it’s come to this is pitiful, and Sony should be ashamed of themselves. They’re forcing you to buy newer hardware to play newer dvds, and don’t care about copyright infringement. Gg, Sony.

  3. Grimjacj Says:

    If I recall, something similar was tried with CD’s a few years back, and Phillips warned everyone that if it had the Compact Disc logo, it had better be cd compatible. If the disc you have is labeled as DVD Rom, and it will not play according to the standard, mayhap a note to Phillips may be in order?

  4. Matt Says:

    $350 for a DVD player? Good god man, you can get an excellent DVD player for less than $100.

    In any case, this just highlights why people shouldn’t by *anything* from Sony. They don’t care about their customers.

  5. John Fouhy Says:

    Since the DVD didn’t play, can you not simply return it as defective?

  6. Bernie Says:

    Marvelous, they really are an amazingly dumb corporation. After all the various marketing disasters and the stock price you would think they’d have learned their lesson but noooooo, that would be too easy.
    The fact that a corporate cock up from other companies is now called doing a Sony would have given them an inkling that just maybe they might just have possibly got it a tad wrong.
    Oh well, I’m sorry about your DVD player but I have to admit, I smiled, well no, laughed….out loud at the story.

  7. kman Says:

    This is typical Sony bologna. First installing rootkits on PC’s without telling users… now making products that won’t work on their own systems. All it will take is for this to affect someone powerful and the sh*t will hit the fan. Some state district attorney with nothing better to do will file a suit, and Sony will be brought to its knees – yet again. The worst part about this is if you PURCHASED a DVD that won’t play on your unit. You can return it to Best Buy or Circuit City for an exact duplicate of the same title, but that won’t help you. You’re out the $20 you spent on the movie with absolutely no recourse whatsoever against Sony for selling a faulty product without any disclaimer about its compatibility. I was looking for a new digital camera for the summer and HAD considered Sony. After reading about these shenanigans, I’ll be getting something else… Thanks for the info, bud.

  8. Dan Says:

    Sue them for the cost of the DVD and the DVD player in small claims court. And document every step of the way here. I am pretty sure there will be NO firmware update. If there were, they could easily have had it ready long before the DVD came out.

  9. Brian Says:

    I had the same problem. I returned the DVD and bought a different DVD then downloaded the casino royale since I couldn’t get it any other way. I saw it in the theater too so basically they got my money one way or another. Needless to say I know to download Sony movies instead of purchasing them legally. Way to go Sony! And thank you Sony for you have saved me future trips to the store. Gas is expensive these days.

  10. u235sentinel Says:

    I guess when a company get’s as big as Sony they become arrogant and forget why they achieved their stature.

    I’m less likely to purchase products with the Sony label as a result. In fact, I’ve been purchasing second hand merchandise through systems such as marketplace because of stuff like this.

    I have a similar concern about another company abusing it’s own customers. Comcast is about as big I believe. They have similar arrogance and just can’t wait until they can setup auto direct deposit from everybody’s account into their coffers. Why bother with putting out a product. We should just send them money for the heck of it.

    Ok, that may have sounded a little extreme however you really have to wonder about these companies.

    Hopefully we’ll see the Government remember they work for the people and start turning this junk around.

  11. goldcoaster Says:

    Great story.

    Gee, you would think Sony would learn from their past problems. Don’t they remember the flak from when they tried rootkit technology on their CDs.
    Recently I bought a new DVD player, because of what Sony has tried with protection techniques I made sure they didn’t get my money – bought another brand.

  12. Masticina Akicta Says:

    Yeah well you know how society is, untill something is worse enough only few fight for it. But if even the basic populace has to update its player with every movie ..hell breaks out.

    Sadly DRM and alike is a big dollar business that takes lots of work before it is gone. As long as “content makers” pay for protection, they keep trying to make locks you can pick up if you try hard enough. Locks that keep the real buyers out!

  13. Rob Sletten Says:

    Interesting. Happened to me today on Casino Royale. I hit play on my 4 year old Sony 400 dvd changer, it went through the litany of FBI warnings, then powered off rudely. My PS3 has been doing that on the only game I’ve bought for it. So between those 2 Sony products powering themselves off, I thought it was a power problem from my Panamax. Looks like this may be it.

  14. ^_^ Says:

    So, I guess Sony is trying to be teh sux0r of media companies.
    Thanks for the alert, I’ll try to avoid them and their products….
    Idi0ts is a word that comes to mind as a replacement for their company name and motto.

  15. I am a class action attorney; my firm was lead counsel in the previous Sony CD case. We are investigating this situation, and would be interested in speaking with anyone who had similar experiences. My email address is [my initials]@[my initials] To the extent we determine individuals with similar experiences would be viable prospective class representatives, please understand this post would be an attorney advertisement.

  16. HyTeK Says:

    As if everyone is starting to realize that DRM is bad for business, this just reinforces the facts and points.

    This should be a class-action lawsuit and bury these companies that make it their priority to inconvenience their own customers for the pursuit of more retirement money.

    Long Live the Norwegian Liberal Party!!!

  17. You bought Sony equipment three months ago? Strange. The Sony root kit thing happened more than a year ago. You should have payed attention back then. When that happened I decided never to buy anything Sony again. Now I’m glad I stuck to that deciscion.

  18. Maky Says:

    So Sony is screwing themselves this is a glorious day …

  19. bertrand Says:

    why DID you buy a Sony in the first place?
    they are one of the most unscrupulous companies in the world in the first place.

    I’ve personally boycotted all Sony products since, their exploding batteries and their rootkit incidents.

    Maybe this is a ploy to get you to do Blu-Ray.

  20. James Kahn Says:

    It sounds like Sony has a good copy protection system. If you can’t read it you can’t copy it.

  21. abu ameerah Says:

    damn you Sony…Daaaaaamn Youuuuuuu !

  22. matt Says:

    Well at least this is only a denial of service attach and not a root kit like last time 😉

  23. […] techniciens de chez Sony suggèrent que, même sur certains lecteurs récents de la marque, une mise à jour du firmware (quand elle […]

  24. Cranston Snord Says:

    So take the DVDs back to the retailer and get your money back. I can’t believe that consumer protection legislation would be so weak that you would be forced to accept defective merchandise – even in the states.

    Here in Australia, Casino Royale does not seem to be afflicted with any of that crap. I suppose this is – in part – due to the fact that if the DVD won’t work in your player you take it back to the retailer and they HAVE to give you your money back.

  25. GreaseMonkey Says:

    I reckon that you should just go and stick it up theirs. How bout putting some of their other attempts? Especially XCP. And suing that Australian guy who was modchipping Playstations.

  26. fd0 Says:

    avoid using this manufacturer’s products. This is a blatant example of Sony’s arrogant view on consumers. Boycot this crap


  27. Colonel62359 Says:

    GG Sony… you have stooped to new lows. This is the kind of thing to be expected from Apple, not Sony. DRM sucks.

  28. carlivar Says:

    Sounds like a class-action lawsuit to me.

  29. hypatia Says:

    easy solution:

    do not rent or by DRM stuff.

    cu 😉

  30. Doug Webb Says:

    And they wonder why people don’t buy their products!

  31. ndemou Says:

    Even if they had a firmaware upgrade ready would not be an excuse. Not even a little one:

    What about people that bought some other DVD player?

    What about those DVD players that can’t be upgraded?

    Even for the Sony DVP-CX995V owners: Why should they take the effort to upgrade? Just so that Jack the Copier will wait for a week or a month for this new uber-copy-protection to be cracked. Geez! Copy-protection doesn’t work. It never did. When will the companies realize it and stop waisting our money on RnD to reinvent the wheel that doesn’t roll.

    Too much wasted effort, time and money just to annoy us

  32. Whitter Says:

    More to the point, if it won’t play on a standards-compliant DVD player, then it doesn’t meet the DVD standard. Which makes it fraudulous to call the product a “DVD”. Or the player isn’t standards compliant, in which case you can’t call it a “DVD player” legally. Either way, Sony are beaking the law.

  33. MixedBlog Says:

    Unbelievable. I wait till the day, when the MPAA execs decide to abolish DRM on movies, like EMI did (or is going to do) on their music catalogu.e

  34. A Bloke Says:

    Sony = Wankers

  35. Mike Diack Says:

    Good grief – how amateurish are Sony?
    Like you suggest the protection scheme has already been cracked anyway!

  36. Heh! Being Sony, I’m not surprised. Their level of arrogance, especially with the whole fiasco with the root kits, seems to know no limits whatsoever. Just another example of a company that has lost touch with the concept of looking out for the consumer. Whether it’s playstation, electronics, or dvd’s, Sony is on a VERY fast track to a mass exodus of loyal consumers. I jumped ship quite a long time ago.

  37. Tony Agudo Says:

    You should do some hacking to figure out the details of Sony’s new DRM and put them here. One good idea to start with is put the DVDs in a PC(preferably running Linux, since most DRM autoruns in Windows) and investigate the contents.

  38. Tony Agudo Says:

    P.S. – You’re blog is a little famous now. It listed in Groklaw’s new picks 🙂

  39. Jacob Eisenhower Says:

    Here’s how the average joe can do something about it:

    Go to Amazon, give the DVD a one-star rating, and promote other reviews saying so by clicking “Yes” next to “Was this review helpful?”

    If enough people do this, pretty soon movie sales will tank, and either Amazon will stop selling it, or Sony will have to change it.

  40. Ronin Says:

    Welcome to the world of Sony. I’m chuckling because your question about “when will the firmware update be available” was the exact same one I asked Sony support when I purchased a DVD recorder from them. Their answer was “2 weeks to a month” as well! However, that was the answer I received every single time I called for a full year. 18 months later, the firmware fix was released. This fix actually made the recorder finally work as advertised.
    The moral of all these stories is: “Sony hates their customers.” This is evident in their electronics, DVDs, and even the games they publish. It’s just one more nail in the coffin concerning me ever giving them money again.

  41. Blonks Says:


    It seems that Casino Royale has problems too. My Sony DVD recorder had problems with the sound levels rising and falling at times – others have also reported this. Monster House (another Sony disk AFAIK) has similar, but less pronounced problems.

    Has anybody else noticed similar problems, with the same, or other DVDs?


  42. Rob Says:

    Well Sony, you’ve stuck illegal rootkits on my CDs; fowled up on the PS3; forced me to use YOUR software to allow me to copy music to my MiniDisc player (and gave me no alternatives); strutted around like you’re some all-mighty demigod… and now this.

    You haven’t learned your lesson at all, have you, Sony? Well, you’ll learn it when consumers flock to the competition in droves. So long, and no thanks for all the fowl, rotten-smelling fish.

  43. Neil Wilkes Says:

    Why, Oh Why am I not at all surprised.
    Sony are a walking nightmare and I for one am starting to fervently hope Blu Ray falls on its a*** and they go completely bust.

    The arrogance of this company is unbelievable.

  44. jamie Says:

    does this not break some dvd std.. I have been running with 3 older dvd players in my house for years. (all different types), begining this year i started to have problems playing dvd from major studios. Older movies had no problems but alot of the newer ones would just lockup the dvd player or turn it off.. In the end i had to replace all my players with new ones…. very frustrating. a std should be a std… dvd’s should be able to play in any player.

  45. RonK Says:

    I have a Toshiba player that won’t load Sony DVD’s that were recently purchased. I thought it was Sony’s way to get back at Toshiba for their HD format battle. Well now that I know it’s DRM, I will not buy any Sony products. I have already stopped buying their hardware. I had a stereo and a camcorder that quit working.

  46. riri Says:

    Sony, when will you learn?

  47. Neil Says:

    Yeah, right, all the other vendors will be just busting to hack their own firmware to cater for this new Sony idiocy. Well, when they get disclosure of the Sony proprietary copy protection method, which may or may not require NDA, and licensing, maybe with fees? Or, maybe Sony Pictures will just declare a unilateral fork in the DVD standard, and assume that we’re all going to by a Sony player if we ever want to watch their movies. These guys kill me.

  48. clondice Says:

    If the unit is still in warranty, I would find some way to return it.
    If everyone rejects this type of corporate behavior, DRM won’t
    last long in the marketplace.

    I rarely rent or buy dvds, and only have cheap no name players,
    what do you think the chance of me getting a firmware update,
    yeah right. In the near future, I suspect that I won’t be able to
    watch any dvd. It will be the media companies that lose this war.
    There are too many people like me that will just accept the fact
    that they do not want my business and will find other entertainment.

  49. J Harvey Says:

    Hmmm… Why not try downloading the inevitable pirated versions from the Interweb and see if they’ll play. If they do and the legit disks don’t, well… you know what to do.

  50. MrSquirrel Says:

    I would say “Unbelievable”, but nothing much from Sony is anymore. I hope this gets all the publicity that it deserves.

  51. mark Says:

    Sony again proves that it cannot be trusted.
    Did they provide a list of non-compatible players (software and hardware)?
    At least it probably didn’t Rootkit your DVD player.

  52. Eric Says:

    I rented Casino Royale, and the same thing happened on my Toshiba DVD player when I tried to play the movie, although the special features disk played fine. I ended up watching the movie on my iBook computer.

  53. […] This, they have tried to make their DVD’s copy-protected, and failed. Causing much annoyance to customers who have purchased legal copies of the DVD’s to find they make their DVD players power cycle etc. including Sony’s own players! There is quite a bit of discussion of this over at Amazon, from some apparently very annoyed customers. Superb work Sony, please continue to shoot yourself in the foot until you miss, shoot yourself in the head and actually die, it is for the best. […]

  54. Peter Says:

    Well, if you buy products from Sony you get to deal with Sony. They don’t have a very good name right now in their dealings with customer rights. People should look up the companies they are supporting before forking over 350 dollars for a DVD player.

  55. Moses48 Says:

    Sony, my friend, is second cousin to Verizon. Sure they look nice and spiffy at first glance, but after looking at their companies it makes you want to puke or file a lawsuit.

    We all remember the rootkit fiasco. They “secretly” put it on your computer, and then when asked about it they lied as to what it did.

    This isn’t that surprising, except you would think they would get the hint that all the bad publicity isn’t good for business.

  56. Havard Says:

    After the Sony root kit scandal last year, you went off and bought a $350 piece of Sony equipment???? Learning a bit slow, or? SUITE YOURSELF!

  57. Paul Says:

    Yeah, that’s complete BS.
    I hope that this one is hopped on just like the rootkit-CD-fiasco a couple years ago.

  58. A Braunsdorf Says:

    > After spending $350 on a Sony DVD player 3 months ago am I now supposed
    > to avoid Sony Pictures products?

    No, silly, you’re supposed to buy a Sony Blu-Ray player!

  59. […] I sometimes really wonder about Sony…it seems their executives don’t have any connection with reality. You might have thought that Sony would have learned something from their music CD rootkit fiasco, but you would be wrong. Now it appears they’ve put some copy protection on their video DVDs that renders them unplayable in most players. […]

  60. chris Says:

    Dude, get used to it. Sony sucks ass when it comes to duedilligence

  61. Lacrymology Says:


    yeay, go sony. Renders boicot useless.. people CAN’T watch sony movies on sony hardware, so they won’t buy it anymore.. not much longer until this happens.. For over one year I’ve been buying every DVD I own, except for Sony Pictures ones, which I download out of spite

  62. Chris Taylor Says:

    Well shame on you. You should know better you never play DVD’s you copy them and then play them 🙂 hehe Sorry had too.

    First thing I do with any new DVD I purchase is I copy it. They are expensive and we have uncaring siblings who would not hesitate to scratch them. Plus it removes all that unskippable crap at the beginning.

    Since when did we consumers give up our power to dictate terms to manufacturers not the other way around.

    Owe and I do not rent DVD’s any longer. If I like it I buy it otherwise I avoid it. When the day comes that I can not copy them physically that is the last day I will ever buy another one.

    Chris Taylor

  63. Zeroth404 Says:

    Never give this company another dine, no matter what.

  64. Dana Cline Says:

    You might have thought Sony would have learned from the music CD rootkit fiasco, but apparently not. The Wikipedia has a much longer list of DVDs that use this scheme, but doesn’t mention that they fail on many players.

    Yet another example of your Fair Use rights being trampled by content providers. To monitor this, please visit on a regular basis…

  65. bill Says:

    i’ve got a TON of sony sucks rants. email me and i’ll send you them!

  66. David Graham Says:

    It looks like people will have to rip the DVD in order to burn it to a dvd that will play on their dvd players. Another valid excuse for ripping and burning that is acceptable use.

    I think it shoudl be LAW to print what type of copy protection a company uses on their products.

  67. Andy Says:

    Are they actually going to tell the other DVD manufactures HOW to write new firmware to play the discs?

    If they couldn’t even tell their own people how to update their own DVD players how are all the other manufacturers meant to know?

    You should ask them for the new technical specifications so you can use your own DVD player 😉

  68. anothergene Says:

    I think I would be looking for my money back on that dvd player pretty quick rather then waiting for the firm ware. That’s about the only way Sony’s going to learn to give up on DRM.

  69. lawrence Says:

    I no longer buy sony products after all the stunts they pulled the last couple of years. Sony is the new evil and I choose to not support them anymore. Their quality has gone downhill also, so whether your looking for a DSLR camera, stereo equipment, home entertainment, computers, monitors, tv sets, (plasma, rear projection, lcd ), game consoles, if you see the name Sony on it, just pass it by.

  70. Retro Says:

    They backup and play just fine on Linux and Amiga computers.

    Sony needs to find a way to provide added value to artists and consumers and stop fighting them.

    Copy protection providers are liars. Anything that can be played can be copied. If DRM could actually work, the NSA would already use it! Instead, they realized long ago that it’s simply not possible and anybody who relies on it is only fooling themselves.

  71. hetzz Says:

    Nothing surprises me nowdays, too bad they get a lot of supporters off the PS3. In a better world people had stopped supporting them.

    Now lets hope that firmware update wont take too long.

  72. turlach Says:


  73. alpex Says:

    i too have had this happen. the sony dvd would not play in my sony dvd changer.
    (it would play on my pc, but what use is that?)

  74. habber Says:

    Thank you for the info, The same thing happened to me with a panasonic model a few years back. This is yet another reason for me to avoid high end dvd players at all costs.

    the 29.99 model from wal-m@rt plays everything including xvids :).

  75. William Says:

    Here’s my .02 on all Sony electronics. I purchased one of their “Dream System” DVD Surround Sound setups about two years ago. Within a month of it we found that many movies that we were purchasing wouldn’t play on it. Sony said the same thing. It needed a “firmware” update. I downloaded the update, put it onto a disc and did the update. Things were fine for about another month and then it started doing it again.

    Guess what? It was on the Spider Man movie (first one). One of their own discs. So I quickly boxed the entire system back up and placed it onto E-Bay. I feel for the person that bought it because I’m sure by now it probably isn’t playing anything given how frequently everyone updates this stuff.

    Short and sweet for me is I totally avoid Sony products now. I bought my son a PSP about a year ago in January and now we can’t even find movies for it here anymore. There are a few (and I mean few) games at Wal-Mart and that’s it. The local GameStop won’t even carry them anymore. So now we have a $350 MP3 player with a big screen on it and it weighs twice as much as all the other ones out there. Thanks again Sony.

    Take my advice and steer clear of them. They’re all about $$ and forget the consumers that have kept them in business. I don’t need that kind of trouble out of my electronics.

  76. me Says:

    I know a perfect solution to fix the problem, Never again buy Sony products.

  77. […] Sony Pictures DVD’s have a new a copy protection that makes the movies unplayable – Sony Strik… Sony Pictures DVD’s have a new a copy protection that makes the movies unplayable on some Sony (& other makes) DVD players! […]

  78. Leroy_2000 Says:

    I guess thats just another way of making money, even if it means selling a copy protection that doesn’t even work.

  79. Jon Says:

    All this does is make me NOT want to buy DVDs
    congrats Sony!

    as for your problems playing stranger than fiction you should just download the movie lol
    since you own it allready it wouldnt be copyright infringment right? maybe if you burned the downloaded movie to a dvd you could actually watch it on your home theater!

  80. Chris Mason Says:

    Stupid sony fuckwitts strike again!!!!

  81. Mark Peters Says:

    Did you get your money back from the rental?

  82. Scott Says:

    I have not yet found it detailed to what extent this causes problems to the people’s hardware, but on a Pioneer DVR-810H (TiVo+DVD Recorder) this issue causes the “system” to completely lock up and become unresponsive to any input whatsoever, requiring the unit’s power to be unplugged

    I’ve tried waiting it out to see if it will soft reset itself, but that doesn’t happen in any reasonable time frame (

  83. shimman Says:

    typical sony attitude & just don’t learn a lesson…i guess this natrual as sony is heavily influenced by japanese culture in which owning property means must be appreciated no matter how badly or unfairly the lender treates borrowers.

    it’s japanese customary to give “thank you” money when you rent a room to the land lord in addition to the security deposit. this “thank you” money isn’t refundable in any cases

    sony has become a major copy right holder, and sony must be thinking that their ip borrowers like movies watchers like us must be thankful no matter how they treate us & sony must be also thinking that those who bought dvd players that cannot play recent sony movies must committe another wonderful sony dvd players or even better blu-ray palyers

    no wonder piracy isn’t going down…the alternatives are looking better & better everyday…no previews, no warnings, no !@#$ing unplayability…did i mention, they are much cheaper…

  84. Hawkeyeaz1 Says:

    The reason for this problem is detailed in here and prior posts. Essentially their DRM was broken at a high enough level Sony had no choice but to break the playability to enforce their DRM. It’s basically a game of cat and mouse, much like malware/antivirus play.

    The products that will be affected are probably well beyond Sony products.

    But hey, Sony has taken so many hits (many self inflicted): Rootkits, Batteries, even CCDs in cameras, they are hurting…. You have to at least feel sorry for the bully, in that ‘but they deserve it’ kind of way.

  85. Adam Says:

    Sony is its own worst enemy. You think they would of learned something from the PS3…

  86. William Wheeler Says:

    To my knowledge this has happened at least 2 times before with older series DVD players, causing a rush to buy new highend equipment… I am just waiting for the day that people that wasted their money on HD or Blueray players suddenly get nailed with a update that make their machines useless…

    After spending $300 for my original DVD, and around $150 for my 2nd Phillips DVD player (that did the same thing in a years time) Finally, I went to wal-mart and got a plays everything cyberhome elcheapo $35 player. this player has worked even on discs that do not play in other machines. And even plays mpg files from cdroms…

    Oh and did I mention that it also seems to bypass region coding with a menu option and does not seem to be effected with Macrovision when attempt to record a clip to my laptop or VCR. Interesting? The supposidly high end equipment is obsolete in a years time, and the low end throw away stuff works as they all should, because they are made cheaply and as such off the radar…

    Moral of the story, Stick to the cheap throwaway ones. chance is you will find one that will amaze you at what it will do and play, and it may well become your primary machine simply because it actually WORKS.

  87. Steve Eisenreich Says:

    Found the same problem with Rocky Balboa it would not play on a Toshiba SD3800 or on any of my other 4 DVD players all different brands and models on my PC’s. Sony’s first responce to me was maybe my player needed cleaning, then they said my firmware needed updating and it was not their problem. I will just avoid Sony DVD movies keep up the good work Sony!

  88. Nik Says:

    Turn it over to an attorney…a class action lawsuit will make them remedy the problem.

  89. Mike Mills Says:

    Why do folks keep buying Sony? Lesson learned again hu?

  90. Cletus Says:

    How stupid do you think Sony can be? This stupid. Send em a clear message. BOYCOTT EVERYTHING SONY!

  91. Wisegoat Says:

    Happened to me too on the Pursuit of Happyness! LG LRY-517 DVD Recorder/VCR. Thought it was just a bad movie from Blockbuster, as they are always scratched up. Good to know it is not just me. Funny thing is, it played normally in an 8 year old Sony DVP 9000.

    Way to F up again Sony!

  92. Bram Says:

    See, that’s why I prefer to stick with $40 no-name fully hacked players bought over the internet of from some dodgy shop in Chinatown. They don’t worry about region coding, macrovision, and most copy-blah schemes. Should it fail or or fail to play a disk, I’m out the price of a basic dinner for 2, not money I care too much about.

  93. B. Minnich Says:

    If Sony is ignoring their customer they won’t ignor the bottom line – $$$$$. What should be done is to return the DVD player for a full refund and also return the DVD’s for full refunds. Loss of sales hurts the bottom line. Change is then inevitable.

  94. Bill Says:

    The el cheapo $39. players tend to ignore all that stuff. Sony is a bad company and always has been.

  95. Robin Hood Says:

    Sony stopped listening to their customers when they got into the content-business. Now they are hurting their core business (electronics) to protect their music/movie business. Against their customers, no less.
    Sounds to me like Sony electronics don’t have the right to give e a hoot about their customers because another part of Sony thinks protecting their IP is more important.
    R.I.P. SONY

  96. watcoh Says:

    I have hit exactly the same problem with a JVC DR-MV1S. Several Sony DVDs will play all the trailer crap they load on, but when you get to the movie, it just freezes the entire machine.

    Someone should sue their ass off over this.

  97. Rene' Fabre Says:

    Yes… same thing happened to me! I bought Casino Royale DVD at Costco recently. I didn’t have time to see it in the theaters. I tried to play it on my Toshiba SD-K710 DVD player I there just 2 years ago. Menu comes up OK, but it won’t play. The only movie I have ever had any challenges playing is the DVD – The Thin Red Line, starring Sean Penn.

  98. Monte Fisher Says:

    I had the same experience with these same DVDs (so no comments on your movie choices from me) on our DVP-CX995V — I was completely baffled (having the unit SHUT DOWN is pretty scary!), but since they worked on our slightly older model DVP-CX985V, I didn’t worry further about it. Jeez, what an evil approach to copyright protection!

  99. Doug Leany Says:

    If they want to play that game, return the DVD as defective. If the retailer won’t let you return it, then exchange it, and keep exchanging it until: 1) you find one that plays on your machine, (not likely); 2) they won’t give you another one; or 3) they haul you off in handcuffs. The only way this type of scheme works is if we accept this crap without a fight.

    Note to Sony: I am a customer. I have bought around 500 DVDs. However, I don’t have to have DVDs. Keep this sort of thing up, and I’ll spend my money on some other type of toys, (and none of them will have “Sony” on their label).

  100. John Fulton Says:

    There must surely be some consumer protection legislation that prevents Sony from selling somnething that cannot be used for its intended purpose – IE viewing. They must know that there are no machines that will play it out there – especially if their own one won’t!

  101. Sue Mesohard Says:

    Look for the rootkit that the dvd is installing on your dvd player, it will take control and shut your dvd player off. we call it copy protection if you cant even view it you cant copy it verbally

  102. Bryan Says:

    Rule #1 of consumer electronics purchases…stay as far away from Sony products as possible (BOSE would be second on this illustrious list)!!! Only products manufactured with a Sony logo on them worth looking into are their XBR line of Bravia LCD’s (not standard line), their top of the line SXRD based Front/Rear projectors, and their VAIO line of computers. NOTHING ELSE…not in the past 8 years, and nothing for the foreseeable future…with these rules you should be safe from the virus of a company called Sony.

  103. […] DRM reportedly makes DVDs unplayable | (Note biased domain name of […]

  104. Sony_Battery Says:

    When is “DRM” a good thing?

  105. Peter Says:

    I have a perfect solution to your problems.

    Do like i do… dont buy ANY sony products.

  106. Alfonso Says:

    Shame on Sony! It seems that the rootkit lawsuits had not been enough for that corporate-bastards….

  107. […] los últimos DVD de Sony, incluso en reproductores fabricados por la propia Sony! En algún blog ya se están haciendo eco de las respuestas del servicio de atención al cliente de […]

  108. Jan Says:

    I cant’t play Casino Royale on my Harman-Kardon DVD25! Grrrrrrrr…

  109. Martin Kruse Says:

    I hate Sony.

  110. jim Says:

    I had no problem making a working backup of my casino royale disc. I only use my backup copies of the disc I buy. The backup plays without a hitch haven’t tried the original yet. Of all the bond movies It may have been the waste of a good dvd blank .It is my belief that any protection can and will be defeated .

  111. AMAZONGAY Says:

    Blah cant reply to reviews or maker a review unless you purchased somthing on amazon.

    another company ill never do business with.


  112. GraphiX Says:

    the question you all have to ask is

    what is the point in buying anything anymore now?
    because it’s either protected restricted or infected.
    you have to have special players regular firmware updates if you have hd-dvd/blueray player.

    You have to sit through 10 mins of trailers, FBI
    warnings piracy notices then you have the added bonus
    of if the disc is going to get scratched or pray tell works in all your dvd players.

    or you can download it for free, plays on anything
    convert, transfer copy to any device of your choice.
    no protection no restrictions no firmware updates no sitting through FBI warnings

    no commercials can’t get scratched make as many copies as you want.

    which would you choose?

    and for an added laugh you need a warez type of application which is against the law to actually use or play your legally bought media it’s just laughable

  113. GraphiX Says:

    lol and this is only DVD this is not HD-DVD or Blueray players yet
    where you will have to every single time the protection gets cracked you will
    be required to keep updating the firmware with patches

    thats right for the people who dont understand about blueray players.
    they have the ability to revoke the keys which means if they decide a key has been
    pirated all the new media you shove into the peice of shit player actually
    updates and over-writes the revoked keys which means you then need a firmware
    update which means the more you do this soooner or later you’ll break your player.

    or flash it with a update that you end up turning it into a brick.

  114. Thomas Says:

    Plenty of ripping software that may read the disk, regardless of the DRM. If you can’t play it, rip it.

  115. AntiSony Says:

    Amazing !!!

    After all sony did in the past, people still buy products from then ?

    Sony is right !! Keep fucking these morons !!!

  116. SlightlySlapdash Says:

    Sounds to me like Sony is asking for people to not buy their products.

    Common sense dictates that you want to make your product as user-friendly as possible; therefore, Sony must have no common sense.

  117. someinternetguy Says:

    Hmm.. I think this is a reason piracy has a benefit.. even though the whole purpose of the new drm is to lower the piracy rate.. irony eh?

  118. Matt M Davis Says:

    I am a lawyer with a technology background and have gotten my firm to agree to look into this DRM problem as a potential candidate for a consumer protection lawsuit–meaning if there is merit to it that would pass legal muster, to try to get the money back for people affected by the problem on a class basis. Therefore, if anyone would like to share any information they think might be helpful for the investigation with us, I definitely would love to hear from you, especially, of course, those who have been affected by this.

    In particular, before making a decision on this one way or another, I would like to build up information on DVD titles that didn’t work, with model numbers of players, and any emails or other communications from Sony support regarding their understanding of the problem (or how they are reacting to it). Please feel free to contact me: [Run my name together] Thanks.

  119. Jacodes Says:

    So, these Corps. don’t want to play by “Fair Use” anymore. Since when can a Corp. be allowed to take away one’s rightes?

  120. […] Sony denied there was a problem. Technicians at the company’s consumer help line explained that Sony had implemented a new form of DVD copy protection and that it was up to the manufacturers […]

  121. […] Sony Pictures DVD’s have a new a copy protection that makes the movies unplayable on some Sony (&#… […]

  122. […] Somebody tell them to just stop! The best part is that the new DRM that Sony is using prevents the discs from playing on some DVD players, including their own, but does nothing to stop DVD ripper software from accessing the content. Really, I can’t make this stuff up. […]

  123. Bozo Da Clown Says:

    Here’s how to fix da problem. Do NOT buy Sony DVD’s, Do NOT rent Sony DVD’s.
    When their profits take a nosedive and Blockbuster Video and the stores no longer bother to stock their DVD’s…they WILL remove the copy protection !
    When gas goes up to $3.00, gas guzzling cars do not sell (see Ford & Chrysler die…). When guns are taken from the public, crime goes UP ‘cuz only criminals have them. When DVD’s and CD’s get insane with their copy protection, only pirates have them…and they don’t PAY for them…
    REMOVE the profits, and mother nature will do the rest.
    This was another politically correct message brought to you from Bozo…and NO, I am not related to Ronald McDonald !!!

  124. […] incluyendo algunos de … ¡Sony! Las primeras luces del asunto fueron advertidas por un blogger quien, poseedor de un reproductor modelo Sony DVP-CX995V, no pudo disfrutar de dos DVD que […]

  125. […] por qué dejan de vender DVD: Sony incorpora un nuevo DRM a sus discos, pero tan chapucero que acaba cargándose los reproductores sobre los que corren. Un caso (vía Extemp”F”oraneo). ¿qué es esto? Se […]

  126. […] Sony has done it again. While it’s not rootkits, it is definitely in the same ball park; they attempted to “update” their DRM schema. This go around was against DVDs which inadvertently made them incompatible with a number of DVD players. Sony attempted to push off the responsibility of updating onto the hardware manufactures, but finally relinquished and have agreed to replace any DVD of theirs which cannot play due to the DRM update. […]

  127. […] Sony Pictures DVD’s have a new a copy protection that makes the movies unplayable on some Sony (&a… […]

  128. Draconis Says:

    That’s ok. Just use SlySoft’s anyDVD to back up the dvd. You’ll end up with a clean non-copy protected DVD you can play in any player.

    I don’t work for them. Just a very happy customer.

  129. Shehab Says:

    Could Sony get any more stupid………….Samsung like LG is developing a dual player to handle Blu Ray and HD DVD… long SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. JR Says:

    I had a similar situation with Sony and my Mavica CD-1000 camera. The thing that drew me to the CD-1000 is that it burns the pictures directly to mini CD’s right in the camera. In order to view the pictures you have to either finalize the disk (which uses space on the disk) and put it in you computer, or attach the camera to the computer via the USB port. At the time when I bought the camera, Sony was selling the mini CD’s for $4.95 for ONE!! (I bought them for $.80/each online). So you can see how I would be much more interested in connecting the camera to the computer than finalizing the disk – especially if you’ve just taken a few pictures and want to look at them.

    Anyway, when I upgraded from WIN98 to WIN2K the camera ceased to function with the computer. Numerous calls to Sony later, the solution was to GO BACK TO WIN98 or finalize the disks (at $4.95 each) – so I reinstalled my system with a WIN98/2K dual boot. When I upgraded my hardware, the camera began to work again – I suppose it was due to an improved USB hub. Then later when I upgraded to WINXP the camera stopped working again. When I called Sony I was told that I could either GO BACK TO WIN98 or purchase a piece of software from ROXIO that would take care of the problem. The funny part is that Sony will not tell you what software you need from ROXIO – AND NEITHER WILL ROXIO!! I guess you just have to buy them one after another until you find the one that works.

    It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again: DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM SONY, THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS.

  131. […] af Sony’s nye DVD udgivelser inkluderer kopibeskyttelses-metoden ArccOS. Og det betyder at mange DVD-afspillere ikke kan vise filmene – inkl. flere af Sony’s egne […]

  132. JabberJaw Says:

    I tried to send this e-mail to SONY but noooooo… they won’t let me. WTF? Why are you making all your DVD movies incompatable with older DVD players? Do you really expect me to go out and buy a new DVD player just to play your movies? This will not make you more money this will make you less because more people will find a way to copy your movies and play them on thier older systems rather than buy a new DVD player. I have been buying SONY stuff for years but now Im done. It won’t be too many years and SONY will be out of business. You have forgotten your customers for the sake of money.

  133. Jamie Says:

    Add to this list ‘The Good Shepherd’ I also have a Toshiba SD-3800

  134. Jamskater Joe Says:

    Sony blows the perverbial big one, without a doubt.

    But tell me, you A-holes who condemn the guy for buying a Sony DVD changer, who else makes one that holds 400 DVD’s and has upscaling and HDMI out? This is the ONLY reason I bought this player. Nobody else makes one. How would we know future Sony Pictures DVD’s would not play in it.

    Now I have a personal vendetta with Sony. I will not buy ANY more of your DVD’s, I will download and burn unrestricted copies of them just to spite you. You’ve done this to yourself Sony so rot in hell.

  135. ziwzih Says:

    Boycott the f*ckers until they go bust…shouldn’t take too much longer ‘cos they’re intent on digging their own graves anyway…ALL CORPORATIONS ARE EVIL and Sony are the worst example.

  136. TickedOff former customer Says:

    We typically buy DVDs in the 1st week of release at the new release price usually between 13.99 to 15.99. Most of the time, these DVDs will sit around for 4-8 weeks before sitting to down to watch. My wife an I have purchased The Pursuit of Happiness, Casion Royale and The Holiday over the past few months. None of these movies from Sony Home Entertainment will play in the Mitsubishi DD-6030 True Progressive Scan DVD player.

    We have a long history of Sony TVs and over the years I’ve purchased 3. Based on this blog information, I’m done with Sony products including my cell phone. I will no longer purchase Sony products – I’m done.

  137. […] pointed to various reports suggesting that the new DRM used on certain Sony DVDs means those DVDs no longer play on certain DVD players. If true (and there appears to be many people who have experienced the problem) it would suggest […]

  138. Angry at Sony Says:

    Thanks for the blog.

    “The Holiday” would not play on my Sony DVD changer.

    Thanks for wasting my time [again] Sony! Anf FYI, I just cancelled my plans to get a new high-end Sony receiver and will buy a Denon instead.

  139. Debabrata Dey Says:

    I also faced same problem. none of sony dvd playes on my Onkyo DVSP502. Bye bye Sony.. C ya after 200 years.. may be.

  140. Adam In Kentucky Says:

    This is getting rediculous okay Jerkoffs I just paid 20 bucks for night at the museum and it won’t play in my very expensive sony dvd player after going to this website i have thrown my SONY dvd player over the balcony of my home and recently purchashed a pioneer dvd player and have had no further issues and I won’t ever buy another damn thing that has the sony logo on it. This really dissapointed my kids who wanted badly to see the movie Night at the museum So from the Duncan Family SONY Entertainment can kiss our kentucky redneck asses

  141. Tahirah in NYC Says:

    I rent many movies from the library and Blockbuster (more from the library) and rented Casino Royale. Doesn’t play on RealOne player, Windows Media, or the InterVideo WinDVD (i use 99.8% of the time). The movie didn’t play on any of those PC movie players, only on my mother’s CyberHome dvd player (which was discontinued in stores abt 3 yrs ago) which plays movies great even if they’re moderately scratched( while PC’s player chokes on scratched dvds)!

    With Sony’s faults, avoid their DVD players AND PC movie players when you are going to view Sony produced dvds.

    ****if Sony is giving you a hard time getting a refund on one of their players or not putting a disclaimer, you can report them to your state’s Consumer Affairs dept and also the dept of one of your news companies (like NY’s Eyewittness News– “7 on Your Side) and 90% of the time changes happen quickly. **********

  142. Peter Says:

    search freecode for DVP CX995V Regionalcode 2 GERMANY HELP????

  143. Anonymous Says:

    Ive got a solution to this whole damn mess.Ive been using SONY products for 20 years,but I will drop them like a hot potato for this crap.I just bought a SHARP AQUOS lcd tv,and no way will I ever buy another SONY product.They can kiss my ass!

  144. Pete Says:

    Cheer up. Same issue exists with Phillips products. I called Phillips and complained. Was told that they would be pleased to update my DVD player. I ship it to them on the east coast and enclose a check for $ 85. They will pay for the return shipping.

    I asked why this hassle. Answer: Phillips incorporates the most stringent copy protection into their products and they are “proud” of that situation.


  145. Ross Says:

    Sony is the stupidest company on the face of the earth. I wish that they would be sued by the people of this country in the biggest class action suet in the history of this nation. They truly don’t think before they do something, and they don’t care about their customers. I bought a Sony ES DVD player 3 years ago for over $700.00 to match my ES pro audio system , guess what their new DVD’s don’t work in it.

    I can see why companies are pulling out of the blue-ray and going HD DVD. Who cares if people are making backups of their DVD’s. If I scratch the original their not going to replace it for me, I bought the data let me store it the way I want.

  146. gabor Says:

    hi all,
    i have pcg k315m sony vaio yesterday i bouth blank dvds from sony, than i made a family album and not playing my movies anymore. Was it the firmware, there was an instalation going on to. I dont know.
    I reboot the system and nothing. No movies plays. £1000 through the window…
    I go buy a nice compaq from pc world will do it £349.
    Never ever Sony…
    I can not use my laptop anymore with the kids everibody said, i leard my lesson.
    sony sxxx.

  147. Larry Says:

    I was just about to purchase the 400 disc changer. It is this because of this discussion about Sony not taking care of their customer that I have decided against the purchase and may never ever purchase a Sony product again.

  148. Wade Says:

    I have a 400 mega disc changer too, although it has minor quirks, it is the best Sony product I own…

    With that said, I too had the problem of not being to play a couple of my Sony discs. Today I downloaded a firmware update…

    It worked! Now those discs play. I feel much better about Sony, since they finally took care of this problem. Probably in large part to all of you and this blog.


  149. […] Sony denied there was a problem. Technicians at the company’s consumer help line explained that Sony had implemented a new form of DVD copy protection and that it was up to the manufacturers […]

  150. Sony Burns Says:

    …and this is just one of the many mistakes Sony has made in the last three years. Burn Sony Burn.

  151. rileygal Says:

    This issue just happened to me. I was told by Hollywood video that the new CD’s are being made in other countries and that some cannot be played on our dvd’s. They said they have no idea which will play until they get feedback from the consumer. Hmmm. how uninformed is that. I wonder how the movie industry will rate the sucess of a new movie when you can’t rent and play it? Te boxoffice will be the only meter of sucess I guess. This is so stupid. Sony knew what they were doing and I think it’s a new sales ploy to buy new DVD’s. They have just pissed off the public again.

  152. karaol Says:

    My boss had a problem too, i put the pursuit of happiness blu-ray on ebay and my boss didn’t even realise the difference and shipped the regular DVD, well now i find myself like i have to start arranging for the proper shipment for the customer of course at aloss, on the other hand my boss has it as a domestic lesson for him to learn faster about the technologies or it will catch up faster with him

  153. fred Says:

    It is exacly actions like this that have made the record industry promote pirate mp3 distribution. If the films we pay hard earned money for do not work due to the greed of movie executives then the only realistic alternative is the get the films we want to see for free…

  154. johnC Says:

    similar problem sony dvd would not play home made dvd ,
    handbook says may not play .sony say will not play,no call for it no software installed
    retuned to store-john lewis uk,after twelve months.
    explained situation, found panasonic worked fine asked if allowance possible against new purchase
    reply not fit for purpose-will exchange no cost
    now have far superior product until now all video hi fi and tv/radio sony -now will buy no more,goodbye sony
    ps sony engineer said not out problem anymore,now made under licence by another major supplir

  155. Bill Gates Says:


    My diabolcal plan to FRAME Sony has Work XD XD XD XD


  156. kristy Says:

    I have a phillips hd tv and put a movie in and watched it after tried to watch anther movie that had played just fine. Now i get disc error , cannot read disc.
    And again i have a magnavox fairly new, bought resident evil extinction watched it , now no dvd will play on my dvd player.. again disc error and playback option not available, please tell me there is an easy fix for this, it is absolutely ridiculous. i am so frustrated after going an purchasing another 29.00 dvd player that plays anything . what do i do please help me. thank you

  157. kristy Says:

    I have a phillips hd tv and put a movie in and watched it after tried to watch anther movie that had played just fine. Now i get disc error , cannot read disc.
    And again i have a magnavox fairly new, bought resident evil extinction watched it , now no dvd will play on my dvd player.. again disc error and playback option not available, please tell me there is an easy fix for this, it is absolutely ridiculous. i am so frustrated after going an purchasing another 29.00 dvd player that plays anything . what do i do please help me. thank you

  158. Gigi Says:

    Thank you so much for this site. I was so angry when I tried to play my copy of “Sweeney Todd”. Then I tried two other disc I had not yet played, and they also would not play. I hate these people.

  159. Kiran my Says:

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  163. Chris Says:

    ABC’s Don’t buy sony products. Don’t buy DRM anything. I buy my music from Amazon with no DRM. Do not empower Sony by buying anything from them!

  164. […] a television and a DVD player made by…you guessed it…sony) explains their dick move here. And […]

  165. sarah Says:

    great! so i can’t watch any of the new movies i got for christmas??? you’ve got to be kidding me! and of course, now that i’ve opened them, i can’t take them BACK…nice move, Sony.

  166. Chris Says:

    I just experienced this problem. I have a Sony DVD player and tried to play a Sony Pictures Movie. It would not play on my DVD Player. The funny thing is, I put the movie in my Sony Playstation2 and was able to play the movie. And yes, the PS2 is older then the DVD Player.

  167. merso Says:

    Want to copy a DVD movie to a blank DVD disc on your Mac machine? DVD Copy for Mac can help you soon, it is a professional DVD copy program designed for Mac OS users to copy D9 and D5 DVD movies ( D9 to D9 and D5 to D5), and even able to remove DVD protections.

  168. bish Says:

    the sony aint shining anymore

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  170. Adi Says:

    I feel i am repenting for buying those Sony dics. After all who will pay for the Damages to my wallet and the player ? Sony kindly read you mission and vision statements u have created to sell your products.I bought 3 new Sony DVD’s of MOON,ZOMBILAND as i wanted them the most. When i played those, they just played for a minute and made my player to hang. For a week i was not able to play the DVD player and also the other VCD, MP3 Cds too were not running.

  171. harde films Says:

    Blogs like this need to be discovered, thanks a lot.

  172. donald Says:

    no one should by anything sony.. if everyone boycotts sony they will stop

  173. RexRobinson Says:

    Hundreds of millions of USB flash drives are currently in operation around the world, with the vast majority not offering proper USB Protection

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  175. DVD Dave Says:

    It seems that Sony has cleared this issue up. Thank goodness.

  176. SONY Says:


    No, but seriously I have this same issue with the included software not playing the DVD. Sony could give a rat’s ass. I stopped buying Sony products a while ago, but now I guess I have to quit watching their movies too? Both District 9 and The Social Network will simply not play on my PC, where I have surround sound. Seriously, can’t I at least watch the damned movies I’ve purchased, please?

  177. LOD Says:

    Well i came across this place and sorta laughed but didnt laugh cuz i was in the same situation

    Stop buying sony products and buy other companies products and they wonder why piracy is at a all time high

    dont go see sony movies or anything with the name related with sony

    We as the consumer control the markets if we dont buy they stocks go down and company dies

  178. Anonymous Says:

    These ppl suck! I have a digital copy of a movie and no code so now I cant download the stupid thing like I wanted to. More freaking money gone! WTF. There is no way to get help cause you have to pay for answers to what you want to know. Pathetic! Never again!

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  181. kopas news Says:

    sony the best. i like it

  182. Kris Says:

    Hi there I have just gotten a sony dvd player it says that is can play burnt dvd but when I put a burnt dvd into the player and press play it says it can not play the burnt disks am wondering what type of burnt disks or system do I have to burn the movie on in order to play the movies I just burnt onto the DVR+ please get back to me on that let me know what system I can use so that I can watch my burnt movies thank you

  183. 佚名 Says:

    LoL! I Have A Bunch Of Sony DVDs From My Auntie, And When I Try To Play Them, The DVD Player Only Said: “INPUT PASSWORD” And It Stops Reading. Sony Pictures DVD Are Just Like Buying A Crap That It Didn’t Work. So, I Just THROW Them All Away, Showing A Sign Of BOYCOTT SONY PICTURES PRODUCTS!

    Anyways, Here’s Some DVDs That It Didn’t Work Too, Aside From “Casino Royale”:

    Boogeyman (Columbia-Tristar; MFG By Sony Pictures)
    Where The Truth Lies (Sony Pictures)
    House Calls

    And Many Others— I Considered Them Pieces Of “Junk” Garbage. Sony Pictures SUCKS! By Now, I Just Stick To Torrenting For The Sake Of Dumb “Copy-Protect” Incompatibility Of Our DVD Player (And Even DVD-Reader Of My PC)

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  185. I am having a problem even getting TRON LEGACY to open, My dvd player just keeps telling me to put a disk in then ejects the DVD, I found I can play it in Safe Mode and I’m using Windows 7, Guess this may be a work around. Other DVD’s are working fine.

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  191. Joh Drinda Says:

    Why does Sony not allow me to add their copyright to my PC burned CDs so, I can play them on their CD stereo unit?
    Because now my burned CDs are not recognized by their stupid CD player… Drives me mad! – I don’t ever buy any Sony rubbish.

  192. RadarDon Says:

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